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News_gatheringInvited to House of CommonsUK Team in the desertUK Med at WHO Jordan CGI virus structures for training

Rick Cresswell and The Company team are frequently found at the sharp end of projects, breaking news or pioneering work both in the UK or around the world. The pictures above are from a typical news pit, our invite to Westminster, and work with the World Health Organisation in Jordan, Amman, and finally with a day off walking through the wilderness in Moses Wadi Petra.

Company News

The Company filming inside Whitehall:

As part of ongoing humanitarian work for international Ebola crisis, we filmed summary and synopsis discussions for critical Whitehall meetings. The rest of the UK news media were not permitted access to Whitehall.   

The Company invited to House of Commons:

The MP’s office stated that the event “showcased 12 prime companies from the digital, creative and ICT sectors to demonstrate the exceptional calibre of South West businesses, sharing how we are already competing in a global market.”

Other production news

Filming with Katie Fawcett GMTV for Daybreak on UK Flooding

Aerial photography across the Southwest

Medical productions

Media installations for the NHS

Humanitarian video, production training in the Middle East

News packages for Celadore

Corporate online media production

Military Health and Safety videos

Corporate promotional videos

DVD design and print for retail

Events filming

NHS Research and development

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