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I have flown gliders and had experience at the controls of light aircraft and jet fighter simulators. When drones appeared it was a natural inclusion to our work. Our aerial filming has included filming war history material from actual WW2 aircraft and corporate filming from Cessnas and private and public service helicopters.

Rick Cresswell - qualified UAV pilot

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While working for commercial and public aviation I was responsible for completing aircraft maintenance logbooks for CAA compliance after gathering detailed and comprehensive information from the execution of routine aircraft maintenance checks.

Sharon Cresswell  - production manager

Drone filming - how it works...

It is illegal to just rock up to a location and send a drone into the sky.

Drones can be heavy and can accelerate and fly faster than a sports car. Drones are classified as unmanned aircraft. As a result, commercially we have to fulfil the same regulations and rules that are expected from any pilot and our training and examinations reflect that.

Drone services require a site survey, this includes a visual site recce, and some administration regarding permission to film from neighbouring businesses or land owners.

After the above, we are then legally required to do aerial and land searches. These check for military sensitivities or public aerial activities or passenger flight paths in the area. We also are required to conduct OS map reading with flight planning to identify anything of danger in the area like pylons, trees and buildings. Finally we need to observe NOTAM (Notices from other airman) information. In some cases we also have to ‘notify’ air traffic control and other airman in advance of flying and filming.

To sum up you should your budget should allow for a site visit and the legal required searches and the actual filming on the day, which must be completed by law with at least two operators.

Fancy five years in prison?

Someone offering cheap drone filming? Avoiding CAA rules gets everybody in trouble (the drone pilot and the client) both parties are subject to UK law regarding drones. Avoid getting your drone filming done by people or companies who are not CAA approved and without commercial insurance. Even if you are given free drone material it is still illegal to use this for commercial or profesional services. Breach of UK law using drones can result in up to five years imprisonment.

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